The Essence of my practice

~Assisting you to feel comfortable in your body,

Protected by its boundaries

And open to its Wisdom~

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Kimberly is a certified massage therapist, certified yoga instructor, nature enthusiast and educator  offering yoga classes, one-on-one somatic education, healing touch and sound therapy as well as community classes in the art of herbal preparations and mindfulness under the name Embodied Herbals.

Receiving a bachelor’s degree in Long Term Health Care, Gerontology and Business, Kimberly soon found herself on a very different path of “alternative medicine.” She became a certified Wilderness First Responder in 2009, which allowed her to guide “at risk youth” into the wilderness where she was able to recognize the empowerment that comes from expanding your comfort zone and the healing, transformative power of nature. ​Shortly after, Kimberly became a California Certified Massage Therapist in 2012 immersing herself into deep relaxation techniques and meditation.  She learned to listen, engage and inspire people to help themselves. 

Living amongst the redwoods in Northern California, she immersed herself in herbal studies and sacred circle.  Kimberly has completed a 10-month herbalist certification from the Dandelion Herbal Center and was assistant teacher for the “Beginning with Herbs” series.  She has completed a 5-month Shamanic Herbal Program, learning from some of the best teachers in the field as well as attended several in-depth workshops through California Healing Institute as part of the Cannabis Therapy Consultant program.  But her richest depth of healing and understanding has come from her years on the roads and trails that led to nowhere.  Finding herself in the solitude of a mountain morning, the expansiveness of a star-filled sky or immersed in the deep love and gratitude felt for the redwoods is where she shines.  A nomad at heart, she goes where the land calls.  The following is the essence of her practice:

My goal is to help people ground and center their energy to bring about more peace and understanding.  I do this by bringing the focus back to the client, back to the body, in a clear, quiet space so that the client has time to listen to him/herself.  The natural insights that arise from this space can be the most healing work to be done. Tension in the body is a form of blocked, stagnant energy. When you can relax and release this tension, the body is able to utilize this energy and return to a healthier state.  I will follow you along your journey, giving positive feedback and constructive, evidence based suggestions if asked! I am not here to fix my clients, but to bring about awareness of patterns that you are dealing with in the current moment and assist in transforming them.   I integrate my experiences as a massage therapist with my training as a certified yoga instructor to connect mind, body and breath.  This is not a goal oriented way of healing but one of trusting the process and taking the small steps to attain certain milestones of growth and clarity.  I infuse all of my life with laughter, beauty, adventure and care and I would love to meet you on your journey!


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