The Essence of my practice

~Assisting you to feel comfortable in your body,

protected by its boundaries,

and open to its Wisdom~

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Consciousness reveals itself in layers, just as a flower unfolds petal by petal. You cannot rush the process or fully understand the magic behind the unveiling. But you can be curious, enthusiastic, and intentional on your healing journey. For me, healing is allowing more Divine Love and Light to penetrate your consciousness, ultimately illuminating dark areas of ignorance and old patterning, making way for self-acceptance, self-love, trust, creativity and freedom. The beautiful Mother Earth has an endless supply of nourishment and love to give, that is one of the gifts we receive as humans on this earth. Simply walking in nature, laying on a beach, gazing into a photograph or closing your eyes and visualizing this receiving will fill you up and nourish areas of your heart that you didn’t know needed healing.

Many of us need to ground in this love (vibration) consistently and consciously throughout the day; some of us feel quite alone; some of us feel the ache of grief and separation from the original source of love leaving us completely ungrounded, isolated and confused. But I am here to remind you that we can connect back into this space, into this vibration and feel the peace that we are seeking. This peace is within us, as all great religions and philosophies point to. Why are there so many teachers teaching and preaching the same thing?? As humans, we are all vibrating at different frequencies, creating a beautiful symphony of light that is condensed into form to create our human bodies.  We will resonate to those who share similar frequencies. Modern science is beginning to recognize these ideas, just do your research and you will find example after example of such phenomenon.

As a collective, our entire planet is shifting. Everyone is experiencing rapid changes in consciousness. Simultaneously, we are experiencing a technological boom of isolation and mind-centered focus created by for-profit companies utilized by governments and institutions across the world. This awakening is asking us to return to our heart-space (our feeling body) to integrate and ground these new vibrations. This Knowing. We are being asked to birth a new reality within and without, how exciting! We are being asked to release what no longer serves us during this unique soul journey on earth and beyond. We can do this by breathing, by slowing our breath and becoming aware of our bodies. By dropping into our heart (our feeling body) we become a bridge, a channel and a powerful tool of transformation. It will become clear what is asking for healing and how to heal it.  Don’t forget to ask for help! The angels and ascended masters are here to help, all you need to do is ask for their assistance. Notice the shifts in your energy and what kinds of people and situations you are attracting into your life, those will be interesting guideposts along the path.


Your commitment to the journey of healing and awareness will flicker as a flame in the breeze. There will be days that you feel vibrant, inspired, enlightened, and clear. There will be days that are dizzying, heavy, hopeless, and you might feel that this healing stuff is all nonsense. I encourage and challenge you to become aware of these fluctuations and laugh at the flippant nature of our minds. If you are like me and many others, you will continue to be drawn deeper into these realities, deeper into your truth, deeper into love and lighter in your being. It might not feel like a choice, but it is. I recommend lots of salt baths, lots of flowers and lots of massage!

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