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The Deeper We Go,
he Lighter We Become
Schedule time to reconnect with your body and the earth to experience a deeper sense of awareness, peace and love. I integrate therapeutic healing touch with herbal allies and sound therapy for a restorative, personalized experience.

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Kimberly Renee
Eureka, CA

Certified Hypnotherapist 
CA Certified Massage Therapist since 2012
RYT 200 (certified yoga instructor)
Angelic Reiki

Living in an urban environment, we lose touch with the natural healing powers of nature. My goal is to integrate herbal-infused massage oils, aromatherapy, sound and breathwork to help you tune into your body and ground into the present moment. From this place of stillness, great shifts in your physical, mental and energetic bodies are possible. The professional, safe container I create with each client allows for a relationship to develop over time, allowing for deeper transformations to occur. My healing practice is based in nonjudgmental mindfulness and the desire to help people to feel comfortable in their bodies and supported by its wisdom. When the body is in a deep state of relaxation, it is able to recognize and release tension and dysfunctional patterns with the potential for more freedom of movement, increased sensation, pain relief, comfort, energy and new insights. Finally, integrating sound through tuning forks and singing bowls, you can further expand your awareness and harmonize your vibrational and emotional body. I encourage everyone to invest in self-care and regularly scheduled "relaxation" time. Start your inward journey to stillness today! 

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