I think "health class" should be replaced with "Self Care Class"

January 4, 2018

As children, we learn about the digestive, respiratory and skeletal systems in health class and then forget about them. Most of us experienced years of sitting at a desk, disengaged with our bodies, in fact we have no idea what they feel like or what they can do! Wouldn't you like to know that a numbing or tingling sensation could indicate a nerve impairment? Wouldn't you like to be able to feel a cold coming on before it hits you full blast? Wouldn't you like to be able to describe your human experience in more ways than "good," "bad," or "OK?" If we were taught at a young age how to feel and listen to our bodies, we might be better at identifying our dis-ease and engaging in much more preventative self-care techniques.  Massage therapy has opened up a whole new level of understanding for me and I will share with you my ongoing journey of self-care and "alternative health."







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