Nourishing the food we eat

October 15, 2019



1. provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition

2. keep (a feeling or belief) in one's mind, typically for a long time

synonyms: feed, provide, sustain, cherish, nurture, foster


Our culture enjoys food fast. We enjoy the ease at which we can go to the grocery store and buy pre-made meals in the frozen isle, canned soup isle or at the deli counter. Although this is convenient and saves time, how does your body feel about this? Are you using that extra time to nourish yourself in other ways?


Think about the joy you feel when you come home from a long day and your partner or roommate has prepared dinner! Or the joy a mother experiences when she gets "breakfast in bed!" People have long gathered around the table to commune, to share and to nurture one another. Food is beyond nutritional sustenance it is nourishment for the soul. When we blindly eat food prepared by a nameless company from massive farms in under 10 minutes, do you really think this will satisfy our needs?  Take the time to prepare some part of your meal. Even if you made Mac N Cheese from a box, take the time to sprinkle nourishing herbs over it or take the time to steam a veggie. The idea is that you take control of nourishing yourself.




In my experience as a single young woman, I've dated many men that can't wait for me to cook (which is funny because I can't wait for them to cook). So the cook-off begins! Who will cook for who? But maybe what were are really asking is, "Who will be taking care of who?"  If we constantly look to others and fast food to nourish us physically, how much energy are we really going to put into self care? This is an issue I face within myself and my personal relationships. Self care is a top priority for me because it signifies the ability to nourish the other in relationship. The more self care we do, the less burden we put on our significant others and society to take care of us. So start to take control of your own wellness! Take responsibility for your health and actions. Don't wait for someone to feed you because you will always be hungry for more. Relationships with ourselves, others and the earth will start to flourish when each person takes the time to care for themselves, for a person who is not hungry is willing to share.


Growing up in a confusing religious/non religious household, I grew to be uncomfortable with the idea of praying. I would and still do slink to the bottom of my chair and avoid eye contact when someone asks for a blessing at Thanksgiving dinner. But over the years, I have been blessed with many magical  meals during my herbal classes where we hold hands, sing and "bless" our food before every meal. I've been missing this my whole life! It doesn't take long. We are honoring our bodies and those who put together the lovely feast and all of the hands and spirits that went into the actual food. What a difference it makes when you pray before eating. It makes you think about what eating is all about! I've created these "Nourished" candles to light while preparing meals or during meals. It is a simple way to remember the most important aspect of eating! Whether you are alone or with your friends and family, take time to honor your body and spirit before meals, I guarantee you will feel full.







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